Surviving the Savannah Sun in Slingo Stampede

With our latest release, we wanted to give our players a real sense of danger. And there are few more obstacles in our games library as menacing and as dangerous as a rhino. That will become very clear once our players feast their eyes on the amazing creature and come face to face with its huge horned head and massive bulk.

If that sounds harsh, and while the distinctive beast is surely intimidating, players will also get to enjoy the blazing Savannah sun while reaping the magnificent rewards and wins. So to those who love the idea of a challenge while roaming Africa’s vast wilderness, Slingo Stampede is the perfect game.

This 5×3 reel game features 11 rungs on the payladder, with a Full House waiting at the top to those who manage to reach it without annoying the rhino. There’s also a cool x1000 waiting to be claimed for collecting 10 Scatters or more.

But the action doesn’t end there. Stampede players will again be given a chance to lock horns with the wild rhino in the Free Spins round. So no, the challenge never lets up. And as we know our Slingo players love the three reel feature in our popular Red Hot Slingo game, we’ve included that feature once again here.

Of course, the theme in Stampede is wildly different than in Red Hot Slingo. Here, the Savannah sets up the atmospheric tone in the game’s background, with its vibrant colours and symbols. Our developers worked even harder than usual to ensure the game really captured the heart of the Savannah.

Slingo Stampede presents an opportunity for lovers of the wild and the exotic to enjoy the African Savannah, where wild rhinos roam free, and with only their dangerous horns standing between them and some very generous wins. But then, what’s life without a bit of danger now and then?

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