Sink or Win with Slingo Shark Week

We have teamed up with the Discovery Channel to bring you this jaw-some game. No, playing with sharks isn’t typically recommended. But if you brave these particularly deadly waters, there are some very generous rewards to be had. So if you’re hungry for some fun, get ready to set sail on this shark adventure of a lifetime.

You’ll be in awe at the brightly-coloured coral reef and sea life graphics. Of course, while the graphics are a joy to behold, the game is more than just an aesthetic backdrop. The aim of the game is to collect Slingos as you make your way up the pay ladder. And you’ll get chance after chance, too, as the reels spin automatically, stopping only for user interaction on the Wild and Super Wild. Don’t worry…if all that spinning in the base game still doesn’t satisfy your hunger, there are more where those came from. After all, why wouldn’t you want some extra bites of the cherry?

Your new deadly friends are even hungrier during the bonus Shark Wheel. Watch them gobble up bags of money as the cash gets added in the Full House Shark Award. And with five bonus games, Shark Week packs one tasty bite. The bonus games – including Break the Cage and What Did the Shark Eat? – are as exciting as they sound. So get your fins on the Spin button and stake it on all on the sharks biting into that bonus bag.

We were proud to put our own spin on a popular media property like Shark Week. Not only does Shark Week boast an existing fanbase that we’re confident will get a kick out of our version, but it’s yet another inclusion in the Slingo portfolio our own players won’t be able to get enough of. That’s what happens when you combine an impressive brand with the Slingo mechanic.

In fact, when it comes to quality, we believe the new Shark Week game ranks right up there with the original Jaws (not that Godforsaken fourth installment). So if you ever wanted to get up close and personal with a Great White Shark, here’s your chance. Just be warned – the rewards are so huge, that you might just need a bigger boat.

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