Slingo Lightning: not just a flash in the pan

Written by Katie Gill –

Our electrifying new release offers a fresh way to play slingo – and you’ll be struck by its brilliance. Slingo Lightning retains the iconic slingo grid, but this time there are only 50 bingo balls in play, as opposed to 75. In this way, Slingo Lightning lives up to its name, as number matches are more likely to occur, giving players the chance to get a lucky streak and bag those all-important slingos.

Set against the backdrop of stormy skies, Slingo Lightning is graphically atmospheric, enhancing the theme of the game and ramping up the excitement. Players must spin the slot reel to mark numbers off the 5×5 grid, moving up the pay ladder for every slingo they complete. Extra spins are available to buy when the initial spins run out, offering players more chances to get some wins.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a slingo game without the incredi-bolt features we know and love. Wilds allow players to mark off a number from the grid directly above where the Wild landed, whilst Super Wilds let players eliminate a number from the entire grid. Free Spin symbols award an extra spin, whilst pesky Blockers prevent potential matches on the grid.

We’re extremely proud of this latest edition of Slingo and all the hard work that has gone into creating it. Using less bingo balls in the game provides players with more chances of creating number matches on the grid, and we hope that this translates into a thrilling gaming experience. We can’t wait to see what slingo fans make of it – we think it’s bolt-iful.

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