Ding dong! It’s Slingo Reel King

This is one amaze-king mash up – and you won’t want to miss a ding. Our latest release combines the popular slingo grid mechanic with the legendary Reel King bonus, offering a ding-credible new way to play our flagship game.

Players have 11 spins to complete slingos, receiving a cash prize according to the paytable for each one they achieve. Above the grid, a bonus trail highlights each level of the Reel King Bonus. On any spin, the slingo reel can light up and make a ‘ding’ sound, starting from the leftmost reel. Each ding will light up an arrow on the bonus trail above, and if five reels light up, the Reel King Bonus is activated.

Each stage of the bonus (Reel King, Great King, Super King, Mega King and Ultra King) produces an increasing number of Reel King symbols on the main grid, which then spin to reveal a prize amount. The symbols continue to spin until no wins are generated, and the accumulated prize is awarded. Ker-ding!

As ever, our regal special symbols are on hand to ramp up the action. Wilds allow players to mark off any number from the column above, whilst Super Jokers can eliminate any number from the entire grid. Free Spin symbols award an extra spin and Blockers prevent matches on the grid. Players can also purchase extra spins at the end of the game for more chances to trigger that kingly bonus!

Reel King is a legendary fixture of the online gaming world, and we’re really excited to be incorporating it into our popular slingo mechanic. We hope fans of slingo and the Reel King bonus alike will enjoy this captivate-king collaboration.

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