Slingo In The Spotlight: Slingo Lightning

Written by Katie Gill – 

This month’s game is truly electrifying! Slingo Lightning comes with 50 bingo balls as opposed to the usual 75, meaning players have more chances to strike numbers off the 5×5 grid, making for a fast-paced gaming experience. Marking off 5 numbers in a row will award a prize according to the paytable, and extra spins are available to purchase at the end of the game. With epic graphics and a fresh take on the Slingo mechanic, it’s no surprise that this Slingo Original has become a fast favourite among gaming fans.

Created in-house, Slingo Lightning has all the classic features that have become a staple of the Slingo catalogue. Wilds and Super Wilds help players achieve Slingos by allowing them to choose a number to eliminate from the bingo grid, in turn keeping the unique strategy element that makes Slingo games so compelling. Free Spin symbols award players an extra spin, while Devils act as blockers on the slot reel, preventing potential number matches.

Since its launch in November 2020, Slingo Lightning has attracted over 79,000 unique players worldwide, an impressive feat for a new game. It is currently live on 44 sites and is most popular in the UK, US, Japan and Brazil. The game also has a player retention rate of 16% after 6 weeks, proving that this thrilling Original is no flash in the pan.

We take great pride in our original games and we’re pleased to see that Slingo Lightning has proven to be popular around the world. We’re always striving to deliver innovative new creations with player strategy at their core, and the stats suggest that players enjoy these different takes on familiar games. Join us next month when we’ll be reviewing another smash-hit game alongside an exciting promotion!

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