Slingo in the Spotlight: Deal or No Deal Slingo

– Written by Katie Gill

This month, we’ve got one of our most successful games of all time in the hot seat: Deal or No Deal Slingo! A genius combination of the classic game show and the slingo mechanic, this partnership turns the spotlight on the player, allowing them to play the TV show their way. At the start of the game, players choose their box, which is placed to the side until 4 slingos are achieved and the Banker makes his offer. Players can take the deal, open their box or continue spinning. Each slingo achieved by matching numbers on the slot reel to those on the boxes will move players up the prize boost ladder, which multiplies the value of all remaining prizes.

Deal or No Deal Slingo was created in partnership with Endemol, and there’s also a snazzy US version of the game which features briefcases instead of red boxes. Variations of the game show have been shown all around the world, so incorporating such a recognisable brand into the slingo grid format draws in all kinds of players, not just fans of slingo. This partnership also reiterates the versatility of the slingo brand and the ability to create innovative new editions of our flagship game. The main highlight of Deal or No Deal Slingo is the fact that players can choose their lucky box, adding an element of interactivity and raising the stakes on the Banker’s Offer – will they beat the banker?

It’s no surprise, then, that Deal or No Deal Slingo is one of our most popular titles. The UK version has consistently been a top 5 game since its launch 2 years ago, with over 612,000 unique players worldwide since November 2018. With an impressive average player retention of 5% after 6 weeks, it’s clear that the game show element is a hit with players. The game is currently live on 41 sites and is most popular in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

But it’s not just the UK version that’s flying high. The US edition is currently live on 12 sites and has attracted over 54,000 unique players since its launch in March 2019. It also has an average player retention rate of 14% after 6 weeks!

We’re incredibly proud of Deal or No Deal Slingo and all its success. It’s an honour to work with esteemed partners like Endemol to deliver unique and creative content to players. Incorporating the game show format into the slingo grid ramps up the anticipation in the game and allows players to view both brands in a fresh light. Check back next month when we’ll be zooming in on our smash-hit collaboration with eyecon: Slingo Fluffy Favourites!

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