Slingo Cascade

Ahoy there! Come and sail along with Slingo Originals for our all new, deck shaking, sea salty Slingo Cascade! Spin the wheel and discover the all new game mechanic with exploding Slingos and cascading numbers! So, go forth to find ever more winning lines!

Slingo Cascade gives players a new way to play Slingo by binding together the 5×5 Slingo grid with the familiar concept of exploding matching lines and cascading symbols. Spin to match the numbers on the grid. Getting a line of five gives the player a Slingo. This causes a cascade as the winning Slingo lines explode. New numbers burst in and drift down into the grid, increasing the chances for more Slingos in each game.

Coming alongside this new mechanic is the Cherub symbol. It gives a helping hand in finding that jackpot by filling out a random number of squares in unfinished Slingo lines! Not only that, the player can also catch Free Spins, and extend their gameplay towards the jackpot. With this it’s smooth sailing through the spins and wins of Slingo Cascade!

Slingo Cascade offers an explosive and thrilling voyage as the player ventures forth to discover Slingos. All that’s left to ask the player is, are they willing to hunt down the cascading treasures?

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