It’s the Biggest Innovation in Blackjack…

We’ve taken Blackjack and made it into something never seen before – say hello to Blackjack X-Change from Slingo Originals. This game-changer allows players to trade their way to the top whilst giving the option to manipulate the cards they’re dealt, changing the dynamics of the game to guarantee a new fan-favourite.

Players will receive the standard options of HIT, STAND, DOUBLE and SPLIT, but the new additions are BUY and SELL. If BUY is presented to the player, they can pay the value shown to dispose of the current individual card, which is then replaced with a new one that is randomly taken from the deck. SELL allows the player to collect the value shown to dispose of the current individual card and replace it with a random one from the deck. A key feature of the game is that players can BUY and SELL an unlimited amount of times, giving them plenty of opportunities to improve their hand immensely.

We believe this will appeal greatly to Blackjack and casino fans as well as slot players, since the mechanic is so simple and easy to grasp. Our aim was to give players the opportunity to really get involved with the game by creating a hands-on, immersive experience to make this more than just another casino game.

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