Hot Property! Monopoly Slingo has landed

The Slingo Originals team have delivered another blockbuster collaboration with Scientific Games Digital and Hasbro Inc, for their new game Monopoly Slingo. The game combines all the best features of Slingo with the classic board game experience of Monopoly to create a truly unique gaming experience.

The Slingo Touch

Players can choose from four different volatility profiles and then must roll the dice to move their game piece around the Monopoly board, collecting properties as they go. Everytime they land on a property it will mark off the corresponding property set on the Slingo grid. Just like in other Slingo games, players must collect Slingos to move up the win ladder. Slingo wins are multiplied if the players lands on all properties making up a property set, following the traditional value rules of Old Kent Road and Whitechapel being the lowest value and Park Lane and Mayfair being the highest value.

Monopoly would not be Monopoly though without out all the other fun factors the game brings to players. Collect money and increase the free parking pot everytime you pass go, plus land on chance or community chest to receive a random card that could give you both reward or penalty, from going to jail, being sent to another property or being awarded a cash prize for finishing second in a beauty contest! Land on the joker to get a random pick to mark off more cards on your Slingo grid and of course continue the game by buying extra spins when the base game has been completed.

Monopoly Slingo is available immediately to all operators, globally, and is sure to be another great success for Gaming Realms’ in house games studio Slingo Originals, as it continues to expand its portfolio of unique original games.

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