The bait is over: Slingo-ne Fishin’

Without a trout, our latest release has cod it going on. Slingo-ne Fishin’ will reel you in with a fresh and exciting twist on the slingo mechanic, where wins are made by completing Slingos and catching fish. It’s a tough job creating innovative new games, but salmon has to do it!

Slingo a-fish-ionados get 10 spins to mark numbers off the grid, aiming to eliminate 5 numbers in a row to achieve a Slingo. Each line win awards a cash prize and also adds a fish to the grid. The value of each fish is randomly selected and increases with each subsequent Slingo. If a Fishing Rod lands on the pre-game reel, one of the fish is randomly selected and the relevant prize is awarded. If a Fishing Rod lands when there are no completed Slingos, a consolation prize is awarded instead. Fin-credible! There’s also an oppor-tuna-ty to purchase extra spins at the end of the game for more chances to net a big catch.

There are plenty of special symbols to hook out for, too. Wilds allow players to mark off numbers from the column above, whilst Super Wilds let players mark off numbers from the entire grid. Free Spin symbols award an extra spin and fishcious blockers prevent number matches. So, any fin is possible!

With fun underwater graphics and plenty of action, Slingo-ne Fishin’ is sure to make some waves in the online gaming world. The prizes attached to the fish raise the stakes on completing Slingos, adding another layer of anticipation to the game. We hope players pike it as much as weed do!

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