Most people grew up with piggy banks in some form or fashion. And now here comes a game that appeals to the most innocent side of our nature. When you add the Slingo mechanic to the mix, the result is a game that appeals to casual gamers and traditional Slingo players alike.

Slingo Piggy Bank is professionally designed, while also offering a fun and upbeat environment to play in. The standout music scores big on the game’s feel-good factor, nicely complementing the hot pink decor. The reels lie on a background that’s big, bright, and colourful, with rainbows and pigs lining the sky. I guess pigs really do fly, after all. 

The game’s universe is clearly inspired by the kind of impressive animation you’ll find on the big screen today. So for those who can let their imagination be taken over while they sit back and enjoy the ride, they’re going to love this one. These adorable pink creatures have been tugging at our heartstrings for generations. And now they aim to lay some golden eggs in the form of coins that players hope will ultimately land in their pockets. 

The game is funny too – it’s sure to make players snort while they get a real kick out of the fun factor. So for players as wild as a hog, they’re guaranteed a great time.

We wanted to create a game that was 100% fun and didn’t offer even a hint of pretentiousness. We’re proud of our team for following that particular brief to the tee. Slingo Piggy Bank is a game that delivers fun in spades, and we’re confident that its players will return whenever they feel like putting a smile on their face. We can’t wait to hear what they think of this one.

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