Slingo Deadliest Catch: Crab Your Rod in This Deadly Fight for Survival

The team of Gaming Realms has again joined forces with the Discovery, to launch the Deadliest Catch Slingo game. The show that puts crab fishermen to the test will now do the same for Slingo players, albeit without the threat to their very lives.

Players have two tasks: 1, grab as many crabs as they can, and 2, Survive! Of course, anyone who’s ever been to a seafood restaurant will know that crabs aren’t the cheapest items on the menu. So players can expect to be well-rewarded for their efforts.

For those afraid of storms and crab claws, it’s time for them to be brave. Here’s a chance for our players to become the best crab catchers they can be in the Alaskan waters. While Deadliest Catch players may not have been born with a crab in their hands, that doesn’t mean they can’t become a crab catching king. After all, they won’t be tasked to do it all alone, as they’ll be guided by not one, but two captains. So while their hands may get clammy at first, they shouldn’t shell themselves short.

The straightforward underwater gameplay and spot-on graphics combine for some shimmering entertainment value. So for players prepared to go fishing in the deep waters, they can expect a great time to complement the game’s very generous rewards.

We strive to make our games library as deep and diverse as possible, with a portfolio full of popular themes and proven franchises. Discovery’s well renowned show is full of challenges and we tasked our developers to come up with a game that achieved the very same. We think they succeeded and are more than confident that our players will agree.

To watch the Deadliest Catch show, find out more at Discovery+.

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