Slingo Ante Up: Welcome to Spin City!

Written by Katie Gill –

Buy the ticket and take the ride in Slingo Ante Up, the exciting new release that offers you a totally different way to play Slingo! The slick, retro design recalls the legendary casinos of Las Vegas and, in a twist on the usual extra spins mechanic, players can choose between 9 and 16 spins at the start of the game to suit their budget.

The number of spins selected determine the chances of winning, giving players control over the volatility of their games. Once players have set a stake and chosen their spins, the slot reel will spin automatically, removing numbers from the 5×5 grid with all the energy of the city that never sleeps. As slingo veterans know, a slingo is achieved by marking off 5 numbers in a row, and prizes will be awarded according to the paytable.

As ever, you can ante-cipate the classic Slingo symbols that give the game an exciting edge. If a Wild lands on the slot reel, the player can select which number to eliminate from the column above, whereas a Super Joker allows players to mark off a number from the entire grid. Free Spin symbols grant an extra spin, whilst pesky Blockers prevent potential number matches.

We’ve really upped the ante on this fast-paced, spin-tacular version of our flagship game and we can’t wait to see what our players make of it. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

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