Push it wheel good: Slingo Big Wheel

Our latest wheel-ease is a high volatility Slingo game that incorporates a dazzling Wheel of Fortune, giving players the chance to land some spin-credible cash prizes. Players must complete a certain number of Slingos to unlock the wheel. Once it’s unlocked, the prizes on the wheel are boosted with every subsequent Slingo that players complete. It’s unbe-wheel-able!

Players start with 10 spins of the Slingo reel, and they must mark off 5 numbers in a row from the 5×5 grid to get a Slingo. A message will appear beneath the Slingo grid to tell players how many Slingos they need to complete to unlock the Big Wheel. Wilds, Super Wilds and Free Spins can appear on the reel to help players mark off numbers.

The Big Wheel is visible to the left of the grid, showing potential prize amounts, ‘Lose’ sections, ‘Boost’ sections which take players to the next level Wheel and a ‘Super Wheel’ segment, which takes players to the top level wheel. Once the wheel is unlocked, every subsequent Slingo that players achieve will boost the possible prizes on the wheel. At the end of the base game, players get a spin of the wheel if they have unlocked it, with the chance to win various prize amounts. If they land on the ‘lose’ section, the game will end. There’s a chance to buy extra spins at the end of the game for more chances to unlock the Wheel.

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